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Spoiler talks on Subetage

Posted by Gestalten—01/2003

SPOILER TALKSDVD SERIES featuring GRANDMASTER FLASH (60 minutes on DVD / Subetage Records 11) COIL (110 minutes on DVD / Subetage Records 12) BILL DRUMMOND aka THE KLF (120 minutes on DVD / Subetage Records 13) For over a year, the Viennese label Sabotage Communications has been rather quiet in terms of new music productions. The noticeably retracted adoption and handling of electronic music has provided enough cause for demanding new forms of the kind of popular-cultural socialization that has meanwhile grown rare. The so-called "electronic aspects of life" seem to have entered a curious stage of prudence. It appears as if the machine of producing, releasing, promoting, buying and selling, playing, and celebrating is running in an unbelievably slick and flat manner, devoid of ruptures, false bottoms, abysses, misunderstandings, miscalculations, or insufferable zones - a middle class, bourgeois economy. The explosion or difference set off by an artistic politics is of no interest to music journalism and therefore misses its potential public. Editors look for hype, but have inhibitions about constructing it and focus rather on endless artist biographies and contingent fragments of experience, finally producing mere name lists. What music is, is tending toward zero. Who needs precisely this music now and what social, strategic, and visionary event and orientation becomes possible that was not possible before, should now come into view again. In cooperation with SPOILER, the new platform for electronic music in Vienna, SUBETAGE RECORDS now releases its monthly lectures, readings, and workshops on DVD in a limited edition - 1 (one) copy! The respective DVD can be borrowed free of charge from the SPOILER LIBRARY.