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For Reasons Unknown

Katerina Kamprani’s Unusable Products

Posted by Gestalten—09/2017

It could be said that the products Katerina Kamprani designed for her “The Uncomfortable” line are poorly designed as they are impossible to use. Take the series of thick cutlery: expanded until their handles are as hefty as a stack of spoons, forks, and knives, each utensil is rendered useless for cutting, for dipping, or for piercing. But perhaps this is the brilliance of Kamprani's series. Indeed, as each of her objects is modified into oblivion, the physical processes and features that allow for the object’s intended use are highlighted. An orb-shaped wine glass with an off-center hole for drinking draws attention to the way a glass’ lip works; a spoon capped with a pocket around its point tells us more about than an everyday table spoon. While these objects may seem utterly functionless, perhaps they are the most well designed.

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Images © Katerina Kamprani