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XG750 Turbo Street Fighter by Cherry’s Company

The Unique Harley Davidson Was Built as Part of a Street Build-Off

Posted by Gestalten—02/2016

Known for his decades of experience with manufacturing motorcycles and building custom bikes, Kaichiroh Kurosu runs Cherry’s Company out of a small workshop in Tokyo. The purveyor of motorcycles and one-off parts was one of five workshops in Japan hand-selected by Harley Davidson to participate in a build-off. Eschewing third-party products for hand-built parts, Kzrosu introduced a water-cooled engine and a new oil system, and both are neatly coiled into the standard main frame of the Street 750. As Kurosu planned to ride the bike in a number of events in Europe, he planned ahead: the XG750 Turbo Street Fighter rides just as well as it looks.

Images @ Cherry’s Company