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H.A.N.D. Coffee Set by TOAST Living and Milk Design

Sleek Pour Over Equipment for a Better Brew

Posted by Gestalten—12/2015

While pour over coffee filters offer a carefully calibrated cup of drip due to the balanced distribution of water, they often look like they belong in a laboratory. The H.A.N.D. collection by TOAST Living offers a tasteful alternative that boils the equipment need to brew a perfect cup of coffee down to a set of five pieces that are visual minimal while retaining full functionality. TOAST Living teamed up with Hong Kong studio Milk Design to create the collection revolving around a thin, copper-tinted conical frame that holds the standard V60 filter in place above the brewing canister, which features two panes of glass that keep the coffee hot without burning your fingers. The set is rounded out with ceramic mugs in dark grey, lotus pink, and mist blue, as well as a sleek stainless steel kettle. 

The H.A.N.D. collection is available at both of our Berlin stores.