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The Mechanics Fine-Tuned the Honda RC51 with a Stainless-Steel Fairing

Posted by Gestalten—01/2016

The Honda RC51 is irrefutably a superbike by all means—American motorcyclist Colin Edwards rode the twin-cylinder machine to victory at the 2000 World Superbike Championship. But how—and why—could anyone amp up a reigning champ? Sylvain and Florent Berneron, the brothers behind renowned Parisian workshop PRAËM, stepped up to the challenge.

The Bernerons approached their modifications with both a critical eye for detail and a due respect to the bike’s impressive pedigree. While analyzing the functionality of the RC51, they noted that the brakes and suspension were due for an upgrade and the bike was prone to overheating as rear cylinder was covered by the tank. Nearly 4,000 hours of labor later, the SP3 was outfitted with ultra-light wheels, a custom suspension system, and a clean cutout to airate the engine. The finishing touch? A stainless-steel fairing that allows fresh air in the front, pushing the hot air through the lateral cooling system.

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