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Sweet Treats by Joël Penkman

Food Painter Extraordinaire

Posted by Gestalten—09/2015

10 years ago, painter Joël Penkman moved from New Zealand to the United Kingdom. This cultural transition inevitably influenced her work, which often focuses on aspects of British life. She mainly paints still lifes, depicting everyday objects in an intimate, isolated, and sometimes photographic way. Joël enjoys small, often unobserved details and imperfections: spills, stains, or a scrape on the edge of a shoe polish tin. She prepares her own boards and grinds her own egg tempera, and says that she enjoys the technical control this affords her and that the result is worth the time-consuming process.

She states: “I love food and I love to paint, so combining the two seemed like a good idea. My compositions are simple still life studies with clean backgrounds to make it easier for individuals to make a connection. Food triggers memories and emotion; I like that people can bring something of themselves to the artworks. I hope my pictures will make people smile”.


Images © Joël Penkman