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Design Favorites: Modern Classics

Clean lines, rich materials, careful craftsmanship — we present some of our favorite items for original men.

Posted by Gestalten—11/2014

Celebrating style, individuality, and joie de vivre, the Gestalten release Original Man by Patrick Grant provides insight into the lives of more than 80 original men. These are portraits of men who certainly go beyond the veneer of stylish attire, nonetheless the distinctive and rarely seen images of the men in the book inspired us to put together a selection of special items from our Gestalten stores that might appeal to original men and certainly make the everyday just that little bit less ordinary.


Brick by Leff 

Amsterdam-based clockmakers Leff set out to reinvent the classic flip clock, and enhanced the well-known form with an unusual combination of materials and graphics. The frame is made from copper — welded and brushed by hand to emphasise craftsmanship — while inside the stainless-steel case, a precision machine works the retro digits. 

Headphones VK-1 Classic Edition by Aëdle 

Music aficionados have been in a state of excitement since the launch of the VK-1 (short for “Valkyrie”) headphones. They’re the only product made by Aëdle, a French company that was set up by two sound connoisseurs with the specific aim to produce headphones that combine powerful audio with stylish design. It took two years and a team of thirty people, but with their high-definition, custom-made titanium transducers, the founders can proudly say they’ve achieved their goal. 

Majvallen iPad Mini case by P.A.P. Sweden

PAP stands for Premium Accessories by Pyk – standing for Ulf Pyk, a designer and artisan who has devoted his life to making well-crafted objects with a pure approach to form and function. His leather goods company produces exclusively in Sweden and by hand, and makes classic bags and covers tailored to protect the latest personal technology. Thus, PAP counter the impermanence of our gadgets with a near-nostalgic quality that’s meant to last for generations. 

Trace Bag by Royal RepubliQ 

With its decidedly retro look and vintage feel, the Trace Bag underlines Royal Republiq’s love for history and tradition. The company stands for carefully crafted leather products that grow decidedly more beautiful with age. 

Jet Set Kit by Aesop 

Men also deserve body care products with marvellous scent to make them feel first class under any circumstances. Aesop’s set of Gentle Scalp Cleansing Shampoo, Revitalising Hair Sealing Conditioner, Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, and Rind Concentrate Body Balm is just the ticket. This secret weapon for freshness is perfect for carry-on luggage and sure to wash away the troubles of long-haul air travel. 

Leather tray and card holder by OYOY

OYOY is a newly established Danish interior design company combining Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetic through warm colors, pleasant shapes, and high-quality materials. Their leather tray and card holder are made from grain leather, and by infusing simplicity with playfulness, they’ll give any office a human touch without compromising elegance. 

Notebook by Nuuna 

Making a good notebook really isn’t that hard, Frankfurt brand Nuuna knows. It has to be practical, therefore the 190 pages, inside pocket and rubber band, and dot matrix. It has to be pleasant to touch, which explains the 90g Munken paper and natural linen binding. Finally, it has to last, which is where thread-stitch and hardcover come in. Et voilà – a notebook that becomes more beautiful with every thought, list, and coffee stain you add to it. 

Umbrella by London Undercover x Monocle London Undercover was established by designer Jamie Milestone in 2008 with the aim to return the umbrella to what he considers its rightful position as a fashion accessory. The celebration of Britishness at the core of the brand clearly struck a chord with Monocle, and the two 

Umbrella by London Undercover x Monocle 

London Undercover was established by designer Jamie Milestone in 2008 with the aim to return the umbrella to what he considers its rightful position as a fashion accessory. The celebration of Britishness at the core of the brand clearly struck a chord with Monocle, and the two got together to create this light travel umbrella. The attention to detail of both imprints is neatly manifest in this hand-crafted folded umbrella with a bamboo handle that comes in two colors and carries the Monocle logo.

Single Speed by Tokyobike 

Tokyobike is a small, independent bicycle company founded in 2002 in a quiet Tokyo suburb. In the same way the mountain bike was designed for the mountains, Tokyobike set out to design bikes for Tokyo – bikes that are easy to ride, with an emphasis on comfort and enjoying the journey, and your city. The sporty Single Speed bike emphasises the beauty of simplicity with its clean shape and the sense of unity between body and bike that only a single-speed can afford. 

Waxed Canvas Cycling Cape by Bobbin 

British cycling brand Bobbin have developed an international reputation with classic and high-quality designs, and those values extend to their accessories. Handmade in London from British waxed cotton, this cape is cycling wear from the old school – water-resistant, elegant, and fab with both casual and business wear. Internal straps attach around your waist to avoid flapping and create a trimmer silhouette. 


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