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African Animal Facts and Folklore

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Text by Alicia Klepeis
Illustrated by Florian Bayer

20.5 × 26.5 cm
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Full color, hardcover, 64 pages
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Recommended for: ages 8 and up

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The anomalous animals of the African continent get their moment in the spotlight. From honey badgers to electric catfish, <em>Animal Allstars</em> provides factual and fantastical fun.

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The powerful queen termite receives chemical messages from members of her colony. The galago, also known as a bush baby, has especially powerful night vision that can pierce even the deepest dark. Without teeth and with a body covered in protective scales, the pangolin is surprisingly a mammal and not a reptile. The sweet-looking honey badger would not come out top if you had to choose between it and a lion. Every animal within the vivid pages of Animal Allstars has a tantalizing tale to tell. Each creature presented is illustrated next to a breakdown of both notable and curious traits including class, weight, habitat, and social behaviors.

To further deepen each narrative, the animal’s special skill is offered alongside its corresponding African folk tale—interweaving method and myth. Children (and adults) will find their new favorite animal and delight in the superpowers that these striking species possess. Animal Allstars delivers a comprehensive portrait of the lesser-known characters of the animal kingdom.

Winner of the World Illustration Award in 2016, Florian Bayer is passionate about visual observations and editorial illustration. Aside from his work in his Berlin- Kreuzberg studio, Bayer leads lectures in visualization and illustration. Find scenes from his recent Animal Allstars workshop here.

This book is also available in German

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