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In Brazil, a country of brash, colourful contradictions, first and third world make easy bedfellows.
Soaring past most nations’ ideas of cultural diversity, Brazil boasts jungle and concrete, football and corruption, carnival and Copacabana beauties. Well charted by maps and guide books, the creative impact of the world’s ninth biggest economy has nevertheless been largely neglected.


Boxed and Labelled

Packaging is the face and visual identity of a product and can also be the crucial determining factor in the buying decision when a product is lined up on a crowded store shelf. As consumer tastes become more complex and culturally diverse, packaging increasingly requires a visual and graphic language that targets aesthetics as well as the needs of the discerning twenty-first-century shopper. Boxed and Labelled is a comprehensive overview of the most intelligent, innovative, playful and attractive examples of current packaging design.



The BLK/MRKT Gallery in Los Angeles is one of the most influential galleries for new contemporary art. The artists that it shows are informed by all aspects of urban contemporary culture; influences that range from design and illustration to music and street art. Its targeted and professional approach to emerging talent has rightly caught the eye of the media, the international art scene and brand managers at leading companies. This attention allows the gallery to work as a successful platform for the promotion of promising contemporary artists.



In 2001 the BLK/MRKT Gallery was created as a way present emerging design talent as well as compelling urban art and fine art. BLK/MRKT’s remarkable selection of artists and its professional approach have largely contributed to the increased reputation of street art, its transition into museums and galleries and the global acceptance of Urban Art as a leading contemporary art form.


Black Magic, White Noise

Today’s television is packed with programs featuring crime scene investigation and their ubiquitous scenes of autopsy and forensic medicine. Existential questions about life and death are no longer only addressed on the philosophical level of Hamlet’s famous soliloquy, but in drastic images. Splatter, horror and the Gothic are not only making their comeback in TV or in movies, but are influencing the current style of editorial design, illustration and photography.

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