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Moiré Index

In Grid Index, Carsten Nicolai created a visual lexicon of patterns and grid systems. Now Moiré Index is dedicated to his exploration of the moiré effect—a phenomenon that can be created by the overlay of lines. Although such interference patterns are mostly considered to be unwanted side effects, they are actually extremely interesting from an aesthetic perspective.

Marcel Wanders

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders is undeniably one of the most prolific and celebrated international designers today. Marcel Wanders: Behind the Ceiling is the highly anticipated first monograph on the star designer. It charts his provocative body of work and stellar career.


In 1995 Thomas Marecki aka Marok, mastermind of the extremely successful Schizophrenic! and Lodown -engineering, had the right idea, in the right place, at the right time he founded the highly praised Lodown, an organ which imparted the until then visual blank page of the German and European board, street and graffiti scene with its urgent required, unique style.

Los Logos 4

Los Logos 4 is the latest addition to Gestalten‘s line of books on contemporary logo design. This compendium provides an authoritative overview of current developments and advances in logo design, one of the most prestigious of creative disciplines which represent the essential visual identity of brands, companies and their philosophies.

Los Logos 5

With a new look and editorial approach, Los Logos 5: Compass  remains the authoritative reference on contemporary logo design.

Like its predecessors, Los Logos 5: Compass offers a definitive overview of current developments and advancements in logo design—the creative discipline that shapes the identities of brands, companies, and individuals.

Los Logos

Logos have become the face of brands, companies and record labels. They are indispensable “little helpers” in creating a positive image, to trigger the memory, aid identification and install trust. Often deceptively simple, the task of a logo is never an easy one – via extreme reduction it has to radically and perfectly distil an image or message into a simple, easily recognisable icon.

Lord of Mess

Jaybo has strongly influenced the development of European street art. He got to know the streets of Berlin at the age of 14 when he moved there from France. Since the early 90’s he has been one of the creative engines of the street and graphic design scene in Berlin.

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