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Lingua Universalis

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Dieses Buch ist der würdige Nachfolger des Bestsellers Lingua Grafica, das sich im internationalen Markt als Werkzeug und Ratgeber für den Designer-Alltag etabliert hat. Die Erwartungen von Fans des Vorgängers werden nicht enttäuscht – auch Imperium Imaginum beinhaltet eine strukturierte Sammlung der neusten Logos und Icons des Mutabor Design-Büros.

Lingua Grafica

Visual communication experts and Hamburg-based design studio Mutabor apply their very own,strict visual language to the boundaries of commercial design.Creating logos and icons for customers like adi- das or Greenpeace,lingua grafica assembles their best work in a do- cumented,dissected and contextualised collection.With awards from, amongst others,the New York Type Directors Club the agenc is also responsible for publication of the eponymous design magazine.

Lingua Grafica

Logos und Icons (von adidas bis Greenpeace) des Hamburger Designbüros Mutabor, in "Lingua Grafica" als Best-Of-Sammlung kontextualisiert, dokumentiert und entschlüsselt. Eine mehrfach ausgezeichnetet Anleitung und Anregung zum Thema Logodesign.

Lemon Poppy Seed

The job description of graphic designers has changed. Classical graphic design is now being influenced by various design principles from the areas of typography, illustration, art and installation.

Exciting work is currently being produced that is not necessarily created by graphic designers, but by independent spirits who work in interdisciplinary ways with a variety of skills. This new generation of talent is developing a visual vocabulary that is refreshingly off-key and inventing their own original design language.

Left, Right, Up, Down

When trying to get through masses of people quickly at a train station or airport to catch a connection, when looking for the right hospital ward in an emergency, or when simply navigating through large, unfamiliar buildings such as museums, convention centers, or parking garages, one urgently needs orientation. In such situations, signage and wayfinding systems help us find our way effectively in spite of stress, crowds, or circuitousness.

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