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km7 Kicks

km7 Kicks is a manual to the 2006 Football championship and it’s not just about sports!

Everyone is familiar with the history of the championships, the strengths of the best players and the long rivalries between teams, but this is trivial. Who knows what the shell seats look like, anything about lawn maintenance or how the goal gates are knotted? People think they know everything about football but in reality, they haven't a clue.

km7 Kicks

Das wahre Handbuch zur Fußballweltmeisterschaft 2006.

Hier geht’s doch nicht um Sport.
Wer die kommende Fußballweltmeisterschaft als großes sportliches Ereignis sieht, liegt völlig falsch. Hier geht es nur am Rand um Spitzenspieler, Torschüsse und alte Rivalitäten. Entscheidend sind ganz andere Fragen: Wie müssen Schraubstollen für tiefen Boden geformt sein? In welcher Schriftart sind die Rückennummern auf den Trikots angelegt? Nach welchen Kriterien werden die Bierbecher für das Stadien-Catering entworfen?

Hier geht’s um Design.


Colour currently plays an increasingly significant role in global visual communication. More than ever, colour is being deliberately utilized to give design projects, campaigns and brands their own distinctive style. Astonishingly until now hardly any publications exist that investigate today’s evolving perception and application of colour.


Funkstörung (aka Chris de Luca and Michael Fakesch) is not only known for their music, but for their successful visual collaborations with innovative designers. Rather than only release their current album “Disconnected” as a traditional CD, Funkstörung also presents related material in two additional media – a DVD and a book. These will be sold together as the hybrid product Isolated, which features new visuals and moving images by creatives from around the world.


In order to be successful, designers must be able to represent many things creatively; but how can they and should they present themselves in the best light? This book looks at how designers and smaller agencies portray themselves as well as the forms and tools that they use to make a good first impression.

Into the Nature

Nature has been cherished by all of mankind and has been a beloved subject for artists and continues to be today. Artistic confrontation, celebration and manipulation of nature, has never been more prevalent. A young generation of designers, illustrators and artists are taking nature as a starting point and bestowing upon it great importance.


Influences looks at who and what is influencing, provoking, inspiring and informing graphic designers’ working methods and research processes today. Two hundred of the best established and up-and-coming graphic designers around the world were asked about their influences. Their responses reveal the hidden catalysts that motivate and propel designers. The entries show the range of preparatory work and intensive research that forms the backbone of any creative project.


Today’s graphic designers, illustrators, and typographers are rediscovering old printing techniques and handcrafts. They are inspired by passion for the unique; the feel of different papers, press cuts, and embossing; the brilliance of printing inks; and the originality of book binding techniques. The book <-Impressive-> presents the results of this passion.

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