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Floria Sigismondi is a multi-disciplinary artist whose photography, videos, films and sculptures have had a major impact on contemporary visual culture. Six years after we released her first book Redemption, we are publishing Immune, a second collection of Sigismondi’s groundbreaking images that reflect the evolution and diversity of her recent work.

Illusive. Contemporary Illustration Part 3

Over the past four years, Illusive and Illusive 2 have documented the flourishing discipline of illustration and established its expressive, poetic and esteemed voice in contemporary visual culture. They introduced world-class illustrators of the time as well as discovering fresh talent still yet to be found by the mainstream. The third volume of the series further documents the thriving medium of contemporary illustration with work by illustrators curated from around the globe.

Illusive 2

In Illusive we identified the main trends in contemporary illustration and introduced multiple young illustrators. Since then, the demand for illustration has only grown – and with it the range of application and the forms of expression in this medium. This positive development is confirmed by the exciting work of international illustrators that we have seen since publishing Illusive; consequently, presenting the best of these new works in Illusive 2 was a logical step.

I'm Going to Change

The design studio Mutabor is primarily known for its succinct logos and icons that have also been presented in dgv bestsellers Lingua Grafica and Lingua Universalis. Mutabor is Latin and literally means “I’m Going to Change”; this broader collection of commercial work is so titled to reflect the company’s adaptability and range as well as its name.


I NY documents the street art that appeared in New York City in recent years. It offers an exciting look at an art form that is not simply graffiti and that has begun to appear in museums worldwide. The work created with paints, stencils, coloured tiles, stickers, wood, scissors and wheat paste demonstrates a high-calibre design sensibility and is often integrated into its environment in subversive and surprising ways.


House Industries is famous for their impeccable tongue-in-cheek takes on
American popular culture, on comic influences such as Ed "Big Daddy" Roth
and on modern design classics from Neutra to Charles Eames. Based in
Delaware, its members have been producing premier league typefaces and
designs for a huge and devoted fan base since 1993.


Hort, the German word for an after school center for kids, is also one of Europe’s most innovative design studios. True to its name, the Frankfurt-based company is organized around giving both its employees and a network of collaborators the opportunity to have fun, experiment and grow. The resulting work presented in this book is polarizing, relevant and truly inspiring.


The site-specific temporary architecture, innovative performances and constructive interference in the urban environment by Berlin artist duo Hoefner and Sachs lie on the intersection between art and architecture. During the past several years, Franz Hoefner and Harry Sachs have not only gained public interest with their subversive and humorous approach, but have also reinvented the vocabulary of urban intervention and ironic commentary of modern city planning.

Hidden Track

Hidden Track shows how contemporary visual culture is breaking out of the second dimension and printed form and entering into three-dimensional space, where it can be experienced. The book demonstrates how rooms are being occupied creatively and how items are being transformed. It presents the diverse exhibition possibilities that currently exist – a spectrum ranging from live painting to installations and 3D objects.

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