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Fully Booked

Many prophesied that the printed book would be doomed by developments in digital media. Far from it! The book has not only survived, but – as tactile qualities have gained significance in our increasingly digital world – there is also more unhindered experimentation with bound paper pages now than ever before. The materiality of the medium can give sensual emphasis to complex visual and textual content or appreciate its value. Some content isn’t even apparent until it takes the form of a real object – the printed book.

FriendsWithYou Have Powers!

Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval may be based in Miami but the strange worlds they create are way out there in another dimension. Their modest mission is to spread an intelligent look at the world with a vision of magical whimsical childlike magic, and to spread truths and myths to the world while bringing true art back into the lives of everybody who experiences their work in all its forms.

Fons Hickmann - Touch Me There

The Berlin-based studio Fons Hickmann m23 has been a frequent winner of international design awards for years. The company has a reputation among both clients and peers for producing intelligent graphic design that is simultaneously well structured and galvanising. Their work always seeks to transcend existing limits without seeming affected.


Olaf Hajek is currently one of the world’s most successful illustrators. His work can be seen in publications including The New York Times and The Guardian, in advertisements for companies such as Bacardi and Daimler Benz as well as on stamps for Great Britain’s Royal Mail. Despite the diversity of his clientele, Hajek makes no aesthetic compromises. His characteristic style is what makes his work appealing to a broad audience and range of clients.

Enjoy Survive

Berlin-based artist Olaf Nicolai focuses on the perfect combination of high art, pop and visual design. Wether if its Pantone-colours set to music or hand-crafted giant sneakers -his works gain an inherent personality and added value from Nicolai 's unusually emotional,associative approach. The resulting objects are always approachable, but never one-dimensional and require the viewer to define his own position
by questioning common perception processes.

Electronic Plastic

Electronic Plastic displays a visually exciting survey of the snazziest oldschool computer games. First introduced in the mid 70s, kids were addicted to the portable handhelds and tabletops for about a decade. By today these computer games have become both rare and impressive eyecatchers, as well as landmarks of portable consumer electronics. Strikingly, their allround retrostyled casts, colourful packaging and bubbling typefonts showcase genuine 80s vibe.

El pequeño sabelotodo

Debido al éxito de las versiones alemana e inglesa, publicamos ahora una edición en español del libro The Little Know-It-All, El pequeño sabelotodo.

¿Qué es una meta tag? ¿Qué tipo de medida es DIN A1? Qué permisos y documentos hacen falta antes de publicar material sujeto a copyright?

Eat Out!

To attract customers, today’s restaurants have to set themselves apart in more than a superficial way. These days, striking design concepts are not enough – a restaurant should fulfill a thought-out concept that creates remarkable experiences for its diners.

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