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Data Flow 2

El interés internacional por visualizaciones sofisticadas y estéticas de información compleja han convertido a Data Flow en un auténtico éxito de ventas. A día de hoy, cada vez más diseñadores gráficos, agencias de publicidad, diseñadores de animaciones y artistas trabajan en este campo, en el que se van desarrollando nuevas técnicas y formas de expresión. A consecuencia de esto, la demanda de información acerca de este tema ha crecido enormemente.

Data Flow 2

Un intérêt international pour la visualisation sophistiquée et esthétique d’informations complexes a fait de Data Flow un best-seller. Aujourd’hui, de plus en plus de designers graphiques, d’agences de publicité, de motion designers et d’artistes travaillent dans ce domaine. On développe de nouvelles techniques et formes d’expression. Par conséquent, la demande d’informations sur ce sujet a énormément augmenté.

Data Flow

More and more information is being visualised. Diagrams, data and information graphics are utilised wherever increasingly complex elements are present, whether it is in magazines, non-fiction books or business reports, packages or exhibition designs.


Food is not just a hot topic in design and cutting edge creativity today, but also an enormous industry with changing standards and perceptions. crEATe. investigates recent trends and visual developments within food, design, hospitality and packaging design. Based upon research by trend analysts Chris Sanderson and Martin Raymond from the London firm The Future Laboratory, this sourcebook documents and illustrates manifold examples and concepts that are the driving forces in contemporary food, both influencing and inspiring today’s visionary chefs, designers, and consumers.

Container Atlas

Überseecontainer sind unverwüstlich, preiswert und modular. Immer häufiger werden aus ihnen temporäre Bauten und mobile Strukturen wie Pavillons, Ausweichbauten, Büros, Galerien und Bars gebaut. Das Phänomen hat einen Namen: Container Architektur.

Container Atlas

Shipping containers are modular, affordable, and virtually indestructible. More and more often they are being used to build temporary structures such as pavilions, offices, galleries, and bars that can be easily moved if necessary. This phenomenon has a name: container architecture.

Closer to God

Across all cultures, contemporary religious buildings are among the most stimulating and experimental in architecture. Although these structures do need to offer a certain amount of functionality, they also resonate with believers or visitors on an emotional level. Because they are called on to communicate higher purposes and meanings, these constructions can be much freer in their use of architecture, space, and light than other buildings.


Gestalten Books

Classique introduces 777 of the most inspiring classical LP covers from their heyday, documenting groundbreaking art work and cover culture that is typical for the epoch. In the same way that an attractive cover lures you into buying a record, Classique entices readers, taking them on a journey through the magnificent evolution of record cover art.

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